How to get clients as makeup artist

Once you have graduated from makeup class, the first thing you should do is to focus on building your brand and marketing it online so that everyone can find you easily.

Below are the few marketing channels that will help you to identify where your target audience online and how to reach out to them.


Instagram is one of the favorite social media tools for millennials. If your target audience is young female then Instagram can be a good platform to reach out to them.

You may either do it through organic approach ( Grow your follows and engage with them) or run Instagram ads targeting them.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the #1 social media and everyone in Malaysia is on this platform. Same as Instagram strategy, you could grow your FB page organically or target them with FB ads.


SEO is a very powerful marketing channel but it requires a bit lengthy process to build up your keywords ranking. The best approach for doing SEO marketing is to write good articles and blog post and optimize your website properly to be able to get crawled by Google Bot more frequently.

Referral/word of mouth.

The referral is powerful marketing when done right. If your makeup service is good and everyone loves your makeup, they will automatically refer your service to everyone and it will help your brand to get out to the mass audience.